Drometta Book

e-book also available for purchase!
I also have it here as an e-book available for purchase. It can be available for Amazon Kindle Fire®, Apple iOS devices, and macOS computers. It is available via Blurb and can be purchased here. Promo of $4.99!

Outside of Canada?
You can purchase it directly through the Blurb bookstore here (which is also where the book is printed). Do note that it is a lower price than Ecwid to compensate for higher shipping costs with Blurb. You may also be able to look into coupon codes to keep the cost down too. Shipping is low for US addresses and around $15 CAD for many other countries. Link here.

Standard Canadian Sales tax (depending on where you reside/exceptions may apply too). Drometta Living is under GST registrant #775395890 RT0001