Drömetta is a small space living resource website and education provider. The focus is on small living spaces and from a Scandinavian design and northern latitudes perspective, but many of the principles can also be applied to a range of living spaces. It initially started off in 2016 as a furniture and home decor retailer and reseller, however it has now shifted towards literature and education products where my passion and expertise is.

The current product offering is a small space living book for sale in print and e-book formats. There is also photography art by Martin Emslie (myself the founder), that could help to enhance your home and this is currently via Printscapes at the moment. There is also a blog being developed on this website with small space living tips and inspiration.

Martin Emslie

Drömetta means “dream” + “studio apartment” (or etta=oner referring to it) in Swedish. I am Martin Emslie and founder of Drömetta. It started in 2016 when I moved back to the Vancouver and the west coast of Canada after ~ 10 years of living abroad in Scandinavia, the UK and also in Toronto and more. Housing affordability in Vancouver was a major barrier for me to move back home, but I came up with this idea to introduce some of what I learned in Scandinavia and make the most of what I have, to really feel at home in the now, right where you’re at!