My top 8 simple ideas to enhance a small living space and feel better mentally

1) Divide up a studio apartment with separate rugs and a bookshelf – your eyes are often drawn to the ground the most + 3 sections feels bigger

2) Light up corners and architectural features – best way to add warmth at home

3) Organize and align your books and fold throws after each use- it’s those small details that make a noticeable difference

4) Dust tables and vacuum rugs regularly – best ROI for cleaning 

5) Have a 3-4 object rule for coffee tables and have a clutter basket to easily contain clutter 

6) Add touches of dominant colours to your kitchen, a yellow tea towel from Finland is my favourite 

7) For an additional corner chair in an odd space, add a throw blanket, plant, nature picture and even a guitar to make it feel very inviting.

8) Use of curtains and pulling up Venetian blinds tends to be one of the most noticeable things. It also helps to radiate light.