How to Make a Small Space Appear Bigger

1) Use rugs as dividers for areas in a space. If you have a small living space that is just one room for your kitchen,kitchen table, living room and bed, you can use rugs to define an area and make it appear bigger. Rugs are one of the best ways to create the illusion of a bigger space. They can be used primarily to separate the dining area,kitchen and living room. They could even be used to create more than one living room area.

2) Work with height in a small living space. When you don’t have a lot of space to work with, most people forget about the vertical element and it’s there to utilize. One idea can be to have tall bookshelves or wardrobes. You could even have a separate bookshelf on its own at a higher level on the wall. Just remember earthquake safety if you’re in one of those prone areas; typically, you shouldn’t have a bookshelf above a couch or bed.

3) Have white or bright neutral coloured walls as much as possible. Most Scandinavian interiors are white or neutral coloured for the very reason of reflecting light and making a space appear bigger.

4) Work with mirrors to make a space appear bigger. Mirrors can have that illusion of making a room appear bigger and it’s not out of style to utilize them. Common types of mirrors can be kitchen mirrors or tall vertical ones.

5) Allow room for furniture to breath. By giving furniture room to breath, it can be a form of decluttering. Typically the unused space when furniture is away from the wall, makes a room appear bigger than if there’s more space in the centre of the room. Another way to allow furniture to breath is to simply reduce the size of the furniture piece. Look into condo furniture if you’re in a small living space. It’s also better to have more individual lounge chairs than multiple sofas that don’t properly fit the space.

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